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Unique offering


Customised preschool, for everyone

Unlike almost anyone else, we don't have a cookie cutter approach to franchising in the United States. Our model ensures that you can open a school anywhere, on (almost) any piece of real estate, and still deliver the highest quality bilingual English-Spanish preschool program anywhere.

Our base in the United States is in Texas, with our existing schools in Houston and Austin. Our international franchise system ensures that we can provide support to any franchisee, anywhere in the country.

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Bilingual Program

We offer a unique, fully bilingual English-Spanish curriculum created by leading experts in the world.


Real Estate

We create great learning environments with any piece of real estate, creating unique and beautiful schools

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Children and parents at Kïdo Schools benefit from interactions with a global community, and international best practices.



The Kïdo suite of apps, and technology use across all areas ensure best in class operations, data and decision making.. 


Kïdo Home

Franchisees (and parents) benefit from our international virtual preschool programs as add ons, or standalone offerings.



We offer customised franchise solutions, based on your needs, requirements and your community.



We are registered with the SBA, so you can finance your preschool. Depending on the real estate type (new construction, renovation), project type (greenfield, brownfield, acquisition), the capital required could be between USD 500,000 to USD 3 million +. It really depends on the project and what you have in mind (of course, we're here to help and guide you). 

The flexibility of our model means that you could do a new build on clean land, or acquire an already existing school and convert it to a Kïdo (and everything in between). It opens up several opportunities, specially in areas where population density is high and locating real estate may be a problem.

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