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By parents, for parents

We are founded and managed by a group of parents of young children around the world. Frustrated by the quality of preschools and nurseries in our cities, we came together to create an early education company that delivered for parents, children and operators alike, all over the world.


We are creating magical and engaging learning spaces. Infused with cutting edge pedagogy and great teachers to nurture and enhance every child’s innate curiosity, creativity and ability to be a lifelong learner.



We started with our first school in Hong Kong in Jan 2014. Since then we have opened schools in Dubai, India, the UK and the USA. Our franchise operations began in 2019 and 2020 has saw us launching Kido Home, our online preschool offering. Our network is rapidly growing across more cities and countries.


Our vision for the future of childcare is where humans focus on learning, teaching, caring and interacting - and smart machines do everything else.

Aniruddh Gupta

Founder and CEO

The Team


Our core team has multiple years experience across education, banking, finance, design, hospitality, marketing and much else. We also have several years experience in raising children in different cultures, cities and countries. We have over thirty professionals in six different hubs around the world, giving us in depth expertise, cross-cultural sensibility and an ability to service parents and clients across the world.

Philippe Sachs

Deputy CEO, CEO UK, London


Head of Public Sector, Standard Chartered. Ex Goldman, JP Morgan. Member, Council of Foreign Relations. Georgetown University.

Entrepreneur with 18y track record. Vice President and
Head of Marketing, Inter Publicity (India). MBA, JBIMS,

Shilpa Marla

CEO India



Over 15y experience in HR across start ups and large organizations at different leadership levels.

Pallavi Nath




Head of Revenue Management, Conrad Asia. Vice
President HSMAI South Asia. Cornell University.

Emma Phillips

Head Operations, UK



15 years experience in the UK and internationally. Most recently Asquith and Bright Horizons, with Outstanding Ofsted

Umair Tariq

CFO, CEO ME&Africa


umair tariq.jpg

Head of Africa Structuring, Standard Chartered. London
School of Economics, CFA.

Sheetal Agarwal

Creative Director



International Award winning Artist and Documentary
Filmmaker. MFA, City University, Hong Kong.

Deep Pandita

CEO USA. Head Tech



Co-Head, Energy Business, Stark Investments.
Director Electricity Research, Citadel. 

Kawan Gujral

Business Dev, USA



10y+ experience in education management across three countries, in the Pre-K and K-12 space

Fruzsina Benyei

Curriculum & Training Asia, Dubai


Over 10 years experience in the early years, including as teacher and principal. Masters in Education

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