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Pedagogy for the future


Exceeding international standards

The future will belong to children who are creative, adaptive, curious and have an ongoing habit of learning. The Kïdo Early Years Program is created with the objective of nurturing and enhancing these innate abilities in children from a very young age. Drawn from years of research, and supported by internationally renowned experts, we have created a free and structured play based program that enables children to exceed standards of any school system in the world by the time they enter primary school.

The approach

Our program incorporates best practices from classical Western pedagogies (Montessori, Reggio Emilia and others), Eastern approaches, and latest research like Multiple Intelligences.

Project based learning, problem based learning and thinking based learning form the core of the teaching plans, and enable children to advance quickly across the spectrum of developmental goals. 

Key features

The Kïdo Early Years Program is a comprehensive curriculum covering twelve areas of development, with our proprietary physical development, math, literacy, art and STEM programs. We have also developed fully bilingual English / Mandarin and English / Spanish programs. Additional languages include Arabic and French. 


Lesson Plans

Detailed lesson plans for every day of the school year, with video based resource and delivery training. Delivered electronically


Levelled Books

For literacy and math with observation and assessment frameworks. Can be done at home or in class



Proprietary resources for the classroom, including flash cards, work sheets, posters, circle time resources and much more



Full curricula for Mandarin and Spanish at native level, synching with the English program for complete bilingual offerings


Toys and Games

Complete guide with instructions on toys and games to use, synched with lesson plans, classroom set up and stations


Learning Journals

Pre designed learning journals to complete and present to parents at the end of every six week cycle, matching the curriculum

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