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Meeting the demand

Early years education and care is a growing market almost everywhere in the world, with parents increasingly demanding high quality pedagogy and care, and differentiated options for their children.

In addition, post COVID-19, governments in several countries in the world have recognised the early years sector as crucial to the social fabric, and funding and support is expected to increase, further increasing demand.

With Kido, you are well positioned to cater to this demand with a highly differentiated, international offering that will stand out from the competition.

Partnership Models


We offer different partnership models depending on your profile and location. In India, we offer Unit Franchisees (i.e. for a single centre) or Area Developers.

For other markets we look for Area Developers at a city, province or country level. For large countries and with specific partners, we may look at Master Franchise arrangements.

If you are interested in any of the models, please contact us through the website.


Unit Franchisees

For single sites in any of our markets. 


Area Developers

For the right to develop multiple sites in a city, province or country


Master Franchise

For the right to develop and sub-franchise in a country

What's required?


You don't need to be an educator to run a Kido School. Our training program will take care of that. We are founded and run by people with non education backgrounds, and know what it takes to succeed.


Depending on your location, and whether you are looking for a unit franchise or area development license, you'll need sufficient liquid funds to start and manage your centre. Get in touch and we can guide you on what will be needed.  

A preschool franchise is not only a good investment, you also make a positive impact to families in your community by providing high quality care and education.

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