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Tips for Pre-Home Schooling

As we all know, the world has come to a halt for a brief moment. However, even during these unpredictable times, it is vital that children continue their learning journeys. This is where home-schooling comes into play.

To help your child adjust to this new way of learning, we’ve taken the time to outline some basic home-schooling structures and guidelines.

1) Stick to a routine

Set a clear schedule, as if your children were still going to school. Establish start and end times for each activity, and allocate some moments for rest and playtime.

This extents to outside “school hours” as well. Keep the habit of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Being at home lets us spend more time with our children and we take advantage of the opportunity.

Divide the different activities into 25 to 30-minute chunks, followed by a 5 to 10-minute rest period. This helps their concentration and reduces the stress of transitioning from one task to the next. You can use the break times to call family members or friends.

2) Maximize your time

Your time in isolation is a great opportunity to learn something new as a family. Set aside 30 minutes of your day to perform an activity with your children. An example could be learning a language, a new skill (such as cooking) or planning your next vacation. The last activity will also help children realize that this is only a temporary situation.

If you're working from home and your company is flexible with your working hours, you can set up work for a few hours during the day, then continue when the children are asleep.

3) Set a good example

Don’t forget to keep a healthy daily routine for yourself too. Make sure to shower, dress, and tidy up your space like you would any other day of the week. This helps children maintain a sense of stability and responsibility towards their role within the family, and how the “small things” still matter.

By Thasin Rahim (Chief Curriculum Officer)

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