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Virtual Preschool


Customised preschool, for everyone

With Kïdo Home, we can deliver our curriculum, international network of teachers and multiple languages taught by native speakers to children anywhere in the world. All at a fraction of the price of a regular preschool. High quality pedagogy and teaching, accessible to anyone, without the need for a physical presence. Initial launch in the UAE, India and Hong Kong.

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How it Works


Teacher led activities and lesson plans, delivered via live video sessions in small groups are complemented by touch screen interactive modules and home activities. One on one time with parents and teachers and an ability to move children within groups, unconstrained by age, ensure customisation to the child's abilities.

Watch the video to hear our curriculum coordinater for Asia explain to parents how it works. 



Kïdo Home is a complete preschool program for 2-6 year olds, based on our curriculum, with a tested and effective means of delivery. Minimal parental support is required in most instances, and the program runs for two hours a day, with breaks. All at 25-30% of the cost of a comparable international preschool. 


Small Groups

Ratios 1:6 or 1:8 for live interactive video sessions ensure engagement and personal attention


Touchscreen interactive

Literacy and math modules taught via interactive touchscreen technology, with a teacher present at all times


Complete Program

Encompassing literacy, math, art, STEM, physical development and life skills, so children are more than school ready


Native teachers

Mandarin teachers from Hong Kong and China, English teachers from the UK and much else for second language learning. 


Home Activities

Monthly engagement kits and video based lesson plans for home activities to complement the online learning.


And More

Specialist, yoga, mindfulness, music and other classes. Onsite add ons for project based learning and more



Children are digital natives. Watch the videos to see how teachers engage young children with our program, while all the time ensuring that their education is progressing. 

Kido Home Sessions
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What parents say


Watch the testimonial videos to see what the parents are saying about the initial Kïdo Home programs